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Z-Rietveld  License

Copyright © 2001-2023,   Project Z-Code.  All rights reserved.

Anyone can use and redistribute Z-Rietveld with or without modification.

We will provide source codes provided that the following conditions are met:

(1) distribution of derivative works from Z-Rietveld grants permission to Z-Rietveld copyright holders to include any or all of the new and modified code in future Z-Rietveld releases.

(2) the copyright notice and this list of conditions are retained.


Z-Rietveld for Windows:
If you have an older version of Z-Rietveld, please uninstall it via Control Panel.
Double-click the setup.exe and follow the instruction.

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver.1.1.3) for Windows

Z-Rietveld for macOS:

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver. 2.0.0) for macOS 11 or Later

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver. 1.1.12) for macOS 11 or Later

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver. 1.1.11) for macOS 10.15

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver. 1.1.10) for macOS 10.14

Download Z-Rietveld (ver. for macOS 10.12 and 10.13

Download Z-Rietveld (Ver. 1.1.6) for macOS 10.12 and10.13

Sample Data for Z-Rietveld and MEM

Sample Data for Z-Rietveld

Sample Data for MEM


You do not need additional installation.


You do not need additional installation.