Changes from to 1.1.12 from 1.1.11
The version of the analysis code has been updated to 2018072309.
Various information can now be displayed when the mouse cursor is hovered over the histogram view.
Support mail address for help has been changed to
The e-mail address on the license screen has been changed to
Added Z-Code site in Help.

Changes from 1.1.6 to 1.1.11
The multiple TOF histograms in the MEM analysis are supported.
Local parameters in the MEM input can be sorted.
MEM screen is now animated.
‘Lobanov’ has been corrected to ‘Lobanov Cylindrical’ in English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean in the absorption correction.
Added “unit-cell volume” to the results log.
Improved the usability of basis vectors for propagation vectors.

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